Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Peter Rabbit and Friends

This post is way overdue, but I am writing it during one of the rare free times I have. Lately, Jonah has been waking up earlier than normal, so he has been fed and is now napping. I am killing time until my hair can air dry a bit before I blow it dry! Oh the things we do....

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter with family and friends! We had our good friends Stephen and Brandis spend Easter weekend with us. We attempted some daffodil shots;however, most of them were dead. There is always next year!

We also ransacked Target and other money suckers to look for easter eggs. I got Jonah plastic eggs that ranged from frogs, chickens, to footballs. Did we hide them like I wanted? No, of course not. By the time Easter afternoon rolled around, we were all too exhausted! Again, "there is always next year!"

Jonah had an adorable Easter basket. The actual basket was given to him by Mimi last Easter, before we even knew he was Jonah! The liner was given to him by Sha-Sha. It has Peter Rabbit on it, and his name is monogrammed in light blue. There is just something so childlike and imaginative about Peter Rabbit. I have a whole slew of hardback books from the tales and a cup, saucer, and bowl from childhood. Can't wait to put it somewhere special!

I leave you with a few pictures. As it is early, I don't have time or energy for captions.

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Charbelle said...

Wonderful Pictures!!! Happy Easter!!!