Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I can't believe Jonah is 7 months old today! I had every intention of updating this blog at his 6 month milestone, but somehow time got away from me. This time last year, I was finishing up my last semester of Nurse Practitioner school with ECU. I was 20lbs pregnant:) I had no idea I could love a child so much. I don't remember what life was like prior to Jonah! It seems to be a blur of work, sleep, and school. Here is a brief bragging moment on my little boy:)

Jonah loves to smile. He has a huge gummy grin, and he makes a little sighing noise when he smiles sometimes, almost like saying life can't get any better than this. He enjoys music, and he can tell a story with his eyes. He has a special bond with his dad that I can visually see. Jonah will stare at Patrick with such awe at times. I watch them interacting, and I see them 15 years down the road with the same devotion and understanding. I know Jonah loves me and knows me as his mommy, but there is just something special about a Dad and his child.

He is sitting up now completely on his own, and he can spin circles in his crib. The crawling technique is yet to be perfected, but I appreciate the fact he isn't completely mobile, yet!

He is still breastfed, which I would never have believed this time last year. I have turned into that kind of mom that you envision wearing a long skirt and hair blowing in the wind, yet I don't look anything like that. I have become a strong advocate for breastfeeding, yet I know some people are unable to do for different reasons. While I am still able, I'm trucking on! Jonah eats every 5 or so hours, and we are introducing new soft foods to him. He particularly enjoyed squash and sweet potatoes, but he grimaced with bananas. I hope to start making his own baby food. I truly believe this is cheaper, plus I'm a "long skirt wearing/hair blowing in the wind" mom.

Jonah used to shriek like a little girl, but now he is "ba-baing, da-daing, ma-maing" all the time. He likes to stick his tongue out and spray it, not say it. He has what I call shards of glass in his mouth, otherwise known as little teeth protruding. He has 2 shards of glass on the bottom, and he sure likes to mess with them!

He weighs a little over 15 lbs and is 26 inches long. Apparently, he has his dad's metabolism and height. I am thankful for this!

Jonah's first night in his own room was Sunday, 3 evenings ago. This was difficult, as I was used to peeking over at him in our bedroom. He now loves his room, and he is content in his crib for naps as well. Thank goodness!!

I am so thankful for this gift! My mornings begin with a huge smile, and my evenings are concluded by a prayer with my little boy. I look forward to watching him grow physically, mentally, and spiritually. Enjoy a few pictures!!


Charbelle said...

Great pictures!! So sweet!!

Hailey said...

Such a sweet post! Loved it! Yeah, I'm one of the ones that was "unable to do so" on the BF thing. I've cried so many tears out of sadness and frustration, because I wanted to so badly. No matter what I did... fluids, eating, special foods, ancient tribal dances... I just couldn't produce enough. So yes, I'm with you. BF as long as you want! :)

I do make his baby food, though, and you're right, it's MUCH cheaper. If I haven't sent you there before, I use this website, to help me figure it all out. :)

Anyways, sorry, I didn't mean to make this so long. Loved the post. Can't wait to see yall in June!!