Monday, October 20, 2014

Day 20: Kindergarten Thieves

I was only 5. My kindergarten classroom was a world waiting to be explored. Different stations set up everywhere... A sand table. Water area. Book area (my favorite), and...

The Learning Center. 

Here is where the tiny pastel blocks, which somehow could be used for counting, became a shiny lure to my wandering, eager hands.

"Lets take these home with us!!!" I said, fully knowing this was stealing. Then, to make it ok, I said this to the other girls, worriedly watching:

"When or if our parents see this, we can tell them it was for our sisters!"

I. Can't. Even. Understand. What. Possessed. Me.

I slipped them in my starchy white uniformed pocket, made it through sticker time and was awarded a sticker on the OTHER side of my shirt (which I gracefully pointed to as the perfect location so as not to give away my loot), and even made it home with the blocks still in my possession. I beckoned my sister close to me once home and showed her the treasures.

"MOM!!!" She runs down the hallway.

The truth is out. I can not tell a lie. I have stolen, and I knew FULL WELL what I was doing.

I think that is what upset my parents the most. I willingly disobeyed, lied about it, and even PERSUADED SEVERAL OTHER FRIENDS TO DO IT. 

The phone lines were busy that night, I tell ya.

I believe I got a spanking. My dad then wrote a letter to my teacher, explaining the situation. At the bottom, he wrote something similar to this:

"Please read this to Anna out loud. She will ask for forgiveness. When she does, please tear up the letter and throw in the trash, telling her that this is what happens to our sin when Jesus forgives us".

Haltingly, hesitantly, humbly...I stood with chubby knees locked hard, waiting for Mrs. Elam to finish reading the note. She starts tearing the pieces, bit by bit, crumpling my past into nothingness. She says I'm forgiven. She throws it away. 

And the truth set me free. 

I learned in Kindergarten how truth always comes to the open. Deep down, I knew the truth before I even chose to go against it. I turned my back on the truth, and I was a slave to sin. I know they were just blocks, but this life lesson still lingers in my memory to this day.

The letter of your past has been torn to shreds, too. Quit picking it up, taping it back together, and reliving the bondage. Let it go, ask forgiveness, receive his blessing, and live in the freedom of truth.

And let all the little stealers of the world say Amen.

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CharisFaith said...

I remember moments when I deliberately chose to do something that I knew was wrong! We were always found out, always punished. It was in those days were my foundation was created and while I tried to run far and fast I'm amazed at how God brought me back to Him!