Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Thankful Me: Day 1

The first letter of the countdown is T.

In my life, T can stand for countless things and situations. I have chosen to apply this letter to the gift of Time.

I sometimes take for granted the time I have with my loved ones, family, and friends. I squeeze my eyes shut, plug my fingers in my ears, and run like a crazed child through the week just to reach the weekend. That is lost time I will never get back. There are moments tucked between those days when my child rested his head a little longer than usual on my lap. Or my husband got home early from football practice. Maybe the neighborhood children were playing outside, and I was able to chat with another mom and feel normal again.

Time is precious. We can't stop it from passing. We can't get it back.

I'm thankful for my times: the butterfly moments, the rollercoaster rides, the heartaches, the joys, the belly laughs, the midnight sobs, the table full of family, the table missing loved ones.

This Thanksgiving and in the days following, hold fast to your times.


Charbelle said...

OH Anna this is beautiful and so true!!

Hailey said...

Not gonna lie. Made me a little teary. :)