Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Challenge

Well, I am just now posting my "5 dollar challenge". Due to crazy schedules, I just finished it today. Please see my earlier post that describes this crafty adventure.
I went to the dollar store and Michaels to get my items. I only had to buy three things, because the rest was at home. I decided to make a "Countdown to Easter" craft. I figured it can be changed for each season to be "countdowns" to the next holiday. Therefore, today it says "7 days". Forgive the top and bottom frames, as they were supposed to have pictures of Jonah and our family. I haven't had a chance to print any off, and the pictures in the daffodils did not go as well as planned.

Here are the items I bought:
2 wooden frames with scrollwork from dollar store: 2.00

1 wooden chalkboard from Michaels: 2.99

Here are the items I had:
white paint
craft paint brush
glue gun (of course)
extra scrap paper
blue ribbon from a baby shower I hosted awhile back

Paint all wooden frames white. Realize that you are running out of patience and paint; therefore, pull out the sandpaper and do a quick "distressing technique" around the edges and make it look old.
Cut out scrapbook paper to fit in frames. (or put appropriate pictures)
Secure the ribbon with glue to the back of the frames, tie bow at top.
Hang on a blank wall (you know the kind...that random area where you still can't quite figure out what to put there...)

I have to say, it is not how I envisioned, as I originally was going to put an "S" in the top frame and a picture of Jonah in the bottom. I had some random pearls laying around, and I made an S on the scrapbook paper. It did not match, and it looked too gaudy. I still secretly like the way it turned out, and all for JUST 5 Bucks!!!

As a side note, the scrapbook paper matches the background paper of two frames over my couch. (I had glued some old spoons from my mom's collection around the world). Here is a snippet

And now, the final product!


Kimbo West @ a girl and a glue gun said...

very cute!

Caroline@carolinecollie said...

That was adorable! I love getting crafty, especially with ribbon and wood -- thanks for the ideas! xCC