Saturday, October 1, 2011

Day 1 of Seasoning

This was written on October 23, 2003 during one of my quiet times. I was a junior in college, finishing nursing school. I pray you see my heart and most importantly, God's heart of Grace for His children.

When the Road ahead has several bends,
Hope seems to lurk in the corners...
And the horizon allows the sun to kiss the night away.
But, as each bend straightens,
In the natural course of the Journey
The corners lessen and Hope makes a statement.

Hope deferred makes the heart sick
But a longing fufilled is a tree of life.
I see groves of heavy-laden tress,
Thick with the foilage of God's Graceful Mecy..
The towering trunks with its ever-widening rings of wood
Are a testimony of fulfilled corners of Hope
And with my fleshly nature, I have seen a missing tree...

It's not a swaying, young tree
Nor is it a sapling with future prospects
No, there is not even a pile of dirt over a seed

My worst fear is that I will become blind
Blind to the trees that form the natural cathedral
And long for saplings that have not yet grown...

To compare my cathedral to another's is to realize my Likeness to Eve..

The raw pain of discovering my Joy is lost
Only reflects on the nature I exalted above the Planter of my Trees

O, God, renew my child-like passions..

to climb in your Grace.
to sing in your Love.
To bask in your shades of refuge.

Guard my heart from false hopes...
In cardboard boxed-trees and empty roots...
Your hope does not disappoint...

For you,
Are my Longing

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