Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thankful Me: Day 8

I am that girl who stood behind you in the communion line, head bowed low and shoulders shaking. I'm also that girl beside you at the monthly work meeting, clearing my throat and coughing into the nearest napkin.

I'm not emotionally touched or sick with the community cold.

I'm not trying to get put on the church prayer list or excused from work early.

No, I really have no exuses, but those would be less embarrasing than the truth.

The truth is....

I am laughing. It starts as a small tickle in the pit of your stomach; the place where the butterflies live. The tickle turns into a little stream, which in turn starts bubbling as every other slightly funny moment jumps in.

This tickle can be sparked by anything. A random look, a sudden memory of hilarity, an intensely sad moment.

I am thankful for this laughter. I've inherited this inappropriate talent from both of my parents. We tend to use humor as our inner tube during quiet or somber times. It truly is a release of emotions, and at times it is the only emotion that keeps us from falling apart.

Can you imagine a world without laughter? It would be like spaghetti noodles without the sauce, or vanilla cake without rainbow chip icing...


Lighten up. Don't be afraid to spice up the noodles. Don't hesitate to add a little extra frosting.

Any by all means,

always lick the spoon.


Judy@cutest-little-things said...

What a sweet post! I agree - laughter is a gift! Sounds like you're very blessed!

Happy Thanksgiving

Hailey said...

This made me laugh thinking about you! I remember you getting so tickled at the weirdest times! It was so great, because then the rest of us didn't feel bad if we cracked a nervous smile. :)

Quick story: When Brad's brother Rob died, they were at the viewing. His mom (who has some health issues) let out a toot. His sisters started laughing hysterically, but were bowing their heads, trying to be discreet. A lady behind them saw their shoulders shaking and thought they were crying, and started patting their back to console them. lol. Laughter is awesome. Great post.