Monday, July 5, 2010

From HenceFOURTH

From HenceFOURTH, the Sams will have a tradition on the 4th of July. This tradition includes a grill, corn on the cob, ice cold beverages, some sort of yummy dessert, and friends! This year, the Damerons were brave enough to share this holiday with us, our almost 10 month old, and their two sweet girls. I think Jonah is in heaven; he is always surrounded by little ladies, and I think he is learning how to put on the charm!
We ended the evening with sparklers. I say "we" loosely, because Bella and TD were the only ones that got in on the action. I am somewhat freaked out by sparklers. I always have been, but I've got to overcome this by the time Jonah is old enough for them! I may have to be on that show "Intervention" on Bravo TV. Feel free to nominate...
After our sparklers were gone, we decided to crash the neighbor's house, which still had sparklers. Lori and her triplet boys were doing their thing, so we decided to join them, too:) Luckily, somebody in our neighborhood chose to set off their own fireworks, so we did get to see a few.

Holidays are a lot different with a kid, but it is a good different. I am perfectly content to stay at home with good food and good friends, minus sparklers for me.

Happy Fourth of July!


Charbelle said...

Sparklers freak me out too! I don't think they are necessary for a 4th of July celebration!
So glad ya'll had fun!!

Hailey said...

I love that picture of the kids looking over the fence! Too cute! Glad yall had a good time! I'm all about simple holidays. :)