Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Morning Realizations

I never thought I would be a "morning person". You know the ones, right? They wake up at an inappropriate hour so they can "exercise and start their day right....", and you just think in your head "Oh please, rub it in you perfect little morning person". In fact, I was a creature of the night. You could find me deep in a book with by bedside lamp barely hanging on. Usually, I'd fall asleep between the pages of one of the many "Anne of Green Gables" books. It felt magical at night.

The magic is gone, my friends.

Night is now officially sleep time. After having Jonah, I thought I was rebellious if I stayed up past 9pm. 9pm!!!! That was SO LATE. I've now graduated to 10-11pm as offical sleep time. My official "wake time" used to be 6:45, but that has all changed.

I am "one of them" now. I am a morning person. Yes, I am still somewhat sluggish peeling my eyelids open, but the thought of going outside at dawn to run is so appealing. I love the newness of the day. No mistakes in it (yet), no harsh words, no bad attitudes, no bills waiting...I feel like I'm discovering something new for the first time, and no one else knows about it but me. I'm the first to happen upon the sunrise (at least in my fairytale imagination), and the woodland creatures frolic with me.

I have not lost my mind. I really do see woodland creatures. I have to dodge several squirrels, at least twice on the route. I passed three rabbits in a row, and I was able to get within inches of them. They were sitting by a mailbox, just watching. I occasionally hear a dog bark, but the rabbits get me every time. I look at them and think, "if I started singing, would you follow me???"

Which leads me to this video from "Enchanted". I loved that movie. I secretly wish I was Amy Adams. Each time I pass my own little woodland creatures, I think of this scene....

The true reason I get up early is 9 months old. I get up while my family is still sleeping, so I can have more quality time during their wake time:)


Charbelle said...

Yay Anna!! Awesome post!!

Hailey said...

That's awesome. I love that movie too! :) It's great you've been able to create some time for yourself.

Lauren said...

Haha Anna your post made me die laughing.... I am so NOT a morning person, but I fake it... and usually my grumpiness wears off when i see my three smiling faces waiting for me. :) Love Enchanted... such a cute movie.