Saturday, December 12, 2009

The honeymoon's over...

Well, as you can see from my title, the honeymoon's over. I had a wonderful time with Jonah while on my "honeymoon maternity leave". For those of you who know me well, I was out of sorts for the first 3 weeks. However, each day was a learning process, so I consider those weeks so precious still.
I returned to work this past Monday, December 7th. I had been dreading this for about a month. I couldn't imagine leaving my son all day long, day after day, week after week, year after year. This was definitely a rite of passage. (for me, that is)
I woke up at 5:45am on Monday morning. I was able to take a shower, slurp down my first cup of coffee, and get everything on (makeup, hair done) except for work clothes. I then nursed Jonah, and I cherished that time. He was all smiles and had no clue the heartbreak I was feeling. Lindsay, our good friend, arrive around 7:15. She and Jeremy are Aunt and Uncle to Jonah. So, kisses were given to Jonah and Tuck, and I told Jonah to be a good boy for Aunt Lindsay! I was rushing around trying to remember everything. My lunch? check. My secret santa gift? check. my purse/cell phone? check. my pump? double check and check again. my coffee cup? triple check and check again. my sanity? ......well, we tried to find that but had a little trouble.
I was like a whirlwind getting out the door. I got into the car, which had been warmed up by my wonderful husband, and backed up out of the driveway. As I came around the front of the house, driving through the neighborhood, I made the one mistake you should never do. I looked. I looked as I drove by, and I saw the cutesy little Christmas trees on either side of the door; I saw the wreath that I had made as my last craft project while on maternity leave, and I saw a house that had my child in it. Without me.


I started to frantically call my mom, my sis, Patrick, someone!! Someone PLEASE answer the phone so I can tell you how my first day started. Well, I got to talk to all three, and I think I worried Mims. Thanks for being concerned, sis!
As I drove farther and farther away, I was still sad, but I was filled with peace. My child was being taken care of by a wonderful friend who will love him and nurture him while I'm gone. She is a mommy herself, and she knows way more tricks than I do! Jonah will be fine. I was the one needing help!
That peace continued as Old Tar Rd turned into Evans, which turned into Greenville Blvd, which turned into Hooker Rd, which turned into Moye, which turned into a parking lot really far away from the hospital. By the time the bus rolled around, I was actually excited.
Excited? How can this be? Yes, I was excited. This was my first day as a nurse practitioner! This was my first day of leaving my little boy, which means it is his first day of having fun with Lindsay and discovering the world even more. It was his first day of possibly learning to laugh louder, see things clearer, and learn something new. It was the beginning of a life I knew I had to live for now...a life where mommy and daddy both work. But, going back to work is not the end of my life! No, I have weekends, week nights, holidays, vacations, and so much more. I have a job that I truly enjoy. I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to pursue my dream of nursing, obtain my masters, and work in a field where I am fulfilled and feel I make a difference. Yes, this was truly a memorable day.
I began to feel guilty. Why am I excited? I just left my little one at home. It was then that the texting began! Lindsay was so wonderful. She texted several pictures to me, and she assured me that everything was fine. When I got home that night, Jonah was eating with Patrick, and he didn't really look my way. Bummer. However, I understand this, because food is really fun at this age (and my age, too)! After he finished eating, I then got to see that smile! We had our nightly bath, read a story, played a little, and went to bed.
Fast forward to Wednesday night. JONAH SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT!!! He slept from 9 to 5:30. How awesome! He then did it Thursday and Friday night as well. My baby is growing up.

Here are some "new" things he has discovered:
1. Laughed, truly laughed out loud for a long time on Sunday night. What a gift! Especially right before starting back to work! He has done this several more times, but I don't think he has it quite figured out yet.

2. His hands, fingers, and in between his fingers. He loves to just stare and inspect his hands. Too funny to watch.

3. His voice. He has discovered that we pay more attention to him when he is making loud, fake cry/whine/moaning sounds. what in the world? where did he learn this? I will have to record and post soon. As soon as you pay attention, he breaks into a smile. Suckers!!

4. Toys. He can interact with other objects and reach for things. We got him "my pal scout" for Christmas. Yeah, I know it's for 6mos+, but we are starting out early. Check it out!

Well, I made it through that first week with only one breakdown. The breakdown was that first morning, and since then, I have seen how Jonah has loved being with Lindsay. That makes it worth it. To know your child is being loved, this is the greatest gift. Lindsay's willingness to watch Jonah has been such a blessing; I only hope that she has been blessed as well. More to come soon!

Photos were taken by our good friend who has her own side business of photography! Check her out at

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