Friday, November 20, 2009

Shoes and Scarves

I can't help but post this. I went to Ann Taylor loft the other day. That is my absolute favorite store. I haven't set foot in there since I was 3 months pregnant. When I returned, I entered the store with anticipation! Here I am, 2 months out from having a huge 9lb baby, thinking I could possibly find some jeans.

What is the deal with the jeans these days?

Everything was slim fit, low-rise, tapered, on and on and on. What happened to the wide-leg, somewhat higher waisted jeans? I loved those. I figured I would at least try on the jeans, knowing full well they wouldn't fit. Sometimes though, you kid yourself about these sorts of tihngs. I even tried on the curvy fit.

Well, I was in that dressing room all of 2 minutes. I realized this was not a good thing to do 2 months post-baby. Yes, the scale says "you are 10 or less lbs away from pre-pregnancy weight!" (give or take depending on the day..) (oh, also pre-pregnancy weight was not an ideal weight that I would like, either, but we are setting attainable goals here). BUT although the scale says one thing, your body is doing another. I don't care if I lost 40 more lbs, I am pretty sure my hips will be permanently widened, and I am pretty sure my used-to-be soemwhat flat stomach will be a little flabby and disoriented.

I put on a smile, and I walked out of the dressing room. I saw some scarves. Well, now here is something that will fit. I love the look of that long scarf tied so artistically around one's neck, with a crisp shirt underneath. So cute. I never thought I would do it, but here I am...buying a scarf for such a purpose.

This scarf is super cute. It is navy blue and has little ruffles. I left the Loft, knowing that it would be a long time before I bought pants from there. I didn't get upset though. I didn't leave thinking badly about myself or my body. You know why?

It just is not that big a deal.

Having a baby? Now that's a big deal.
Having someone to love, that's a big deal.
Knowing that I look like this because of a little munchkin named Jonah? That's a sacrifical big deal:)

So, for now it is shoes and scarves, with the occasional new piece of jewelry.

The things that used to be important aren't as important anymore. A baby changes everything, and you are never the same...inside or out.

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