Monday, June 21, 2010

Double Digits

Well...for some reason I had a momentary brain lapse and thought he was 10 months. He is really 9 months old. I will just keep this post up here for when he is 10 months!

Do you remember when you turned 10?
I do.
I could not wait to hit the double digits. 9 was just so plain and "young". When 10 hit, I had arrived. In my mind, I finally fit in with the majority of the world, barring the triple digit Guiness Book of World Record holders...
It is amazing that the same number that caused so much excitement in me now is bittersweet.
My baby is in the double digits.
My baby is 10 months old today. Never to be classified as a single digit again!!
In honor of this double digit day, I will recount a few things that make me smile as Jonah's Mom.

1. You clap like a happy little fool all the time. Always keep that encouraging spirit.
2. You are crawling like a champ. We were a little worried about you, as you were the slowest in our Life Group:) You took your first crawling advances in your own time; always stay true to yourself.
3. Now that you are crawling, you have realized you can move vertically, too. You are pulling up on anything that is in reach. Keep climbing and reaching up...
4. You like to babble to yourself in the crib in the mornings. Your voice rises and falls as you talk to "Mr. Knotts"...Always speak up when you have something to say.
5. Your smile is instantaneous, and you are easily amused...Always remember to rejoice in every circumstance.

I pray over you every night a blessing from Numbers 6:24. My own parents prayed this over me before I closed my eyes each night. I want the last words you hear at night to be a blessing.

My dear Jonah
"May the Lord bless you and keep you, May the Lord make his face shine upon you and be gracious unto you, May the Lord lift up His countenance upon you and give you His peace".

Love to you, JR!!!


Hailey said...

This makes me so sad (but happy too)! Our babies are growing up!! I only have one month left with Noah before he's considered a toddler. :( Oh, and Noah has definitely taught me not to worry about the development stuff. He's plenty mobile, but he's not crawling. Instead, he scoots on his rear end. lol. Whatever works, I guess.

Charbelle said...

He's so precious!!