Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Booking it through the Seasons

As some of you may have already noticed with my previous blogs, I enjoy making things out of books. I can't say that these were my original ideas, although I do try to put my own personal touches on them. I'd like to give a blog momma shout out to the Queen of Book Wreaths, Lindsay at "Living with Lindsay". She inspired me to start tearing apart books. I do it with reverence, believe me, and I choose my books very carefully. With my tongue halfway hanging out of my mouth and a furrowed brow, I mentally list out the reasons why I SHOULD rip the book apart. Was it loved? Do I miraculously have another copy of it? Does it have meaning? Do I know it by heart? Probably the answer to all of these is yes.

So, rip away I went. Figuratively, not literally.

Here is my first ever book wreath.

My second book wreath was for my mom's birthday. She loves hymns, and she loves Jesus, so....

Some time went by, and the books collectively sighed for relief. However, I stumbled upon another beautiful blog entitled "Craftberry Bush". I saw pumpkins made of books, and I daydreamed about the moment when I could turn a beloved book into a fall momento. Last Sunday, those dreams became reality in under an hour.

I have grand plans for a certain few books that don't know it yet. They will be the chosen ones for Christmas. Christmas, being my favorite holiday, deserves the best of the best crafting genius. Stay tuned for my next "series" of BOOKS!!!!


Craftberry Bush said...

I love your pumpkin books...and I love Jesus too....:o)

Hailey said...

Those pumpkins are so cute!! I really am going to have to try one of these someday. I bet your mom loved that wreath!

The Three Sams said...

Craftberry, thanks for your inspiration!! I loved yours. Oh, and I should have mentioned I love Jesus, too:)

Ann said...

Loved what you did to your books,
really creative.

Oh but I still have to find the courage to tear my books.

Drea said...

Very Cool pumpkins!! BTW I saw you on Allisons blog. :) We grew up in the same town, Charlotte.
Thought that was neat.