Sunday, October 24, 2010

Spare Room

"You should just imagine how exciting it was going to be for me to sleep in a spare bedroom, reserved for important company such as yourself. As it was, I had to sleep with Minnie May, and you don't know how she kicks. Mine was the sleep of the bitterly disappointed, Miss Barry. I was forced to lie awake all night with the knowledge that I had cost Diana her career as a world famous concert pianist".
Anne Shirley, talking to Diana's Aunt Josephine in the book Anne of Green Gables

Anne Shirley was taken with spare rooms. She believed it was a special honor to sleep in one, and she and Diana were having a sleep-over in the spare bedroom of Diana's home. Unbeknownst to them, Aunt Josephine was already sleeping in there. The two girls excitedly ran into the room and pounced on the bed, only to awaken Aunt Josephine. This qoute is Anne's apology to Aunt Jo, and she actually won the lady's heart over. Aunt Jo invited both Anne and Diana to her house to visit, and they stayed in the "sparest of spare rooms".

I was feeling a little "Anne-ish" tonight, which should explain my post a bit better. See, everyone needs to feel special. Everyone needs their own spare room, nook, or cranny to call their own. As a mom, my ideal spare room would be at the end of a cobblestone trail. It wouldn't be a room; it would be a cottage with sloped roofs and an arched doorway. Those gray-weathered shingles would cover it, and a porch with rocking chairs would accesorize the exterior. Inside, the cottage would be open, with each room flowing to the next. All I would need are a few over-stuffed chairs with comfy ottomans, a desk, table, lamp, and bathroom with a large claw-footed tub. Instead, I have this:

It is a nook in our bonus room. The bonus room is definitely a man cave. My husband picked the furniture for it, and I let him do whatever he wanted in there. This is where the playstation resides, the Guitar Hero accessories, bookcases, and a fridge from college:) I decided to take the nook and transform it into a woman's cave. I got this idea from another blog, and I can't for the life of me find it. SO, to the other blog, thank you. I will post your link when I remember!

This nook holds my crafting supplies. I never really was much into being crafty until Jonah was born. While on maternity leave, I changed my name to Martha, followed glue-gun blogs, and discovered a passion. My passion was creating, designing, and beautifying my home with meaningful things. Each item in my home has a story, and I want to add chapters to the book. Hence, the craft nook, aka "My Spare Room" was born.

The pictures were hard to take, as the lighting was not the best. You will still get the idea.

I took netting from a canopy Patrick bought me before we were married, since I loved that canopy-look over a bed, and draped it around the entrance. This, my fellow bloggers, is how I cope with being the only woman in the house. I make a princess-ish entrance to my domain.

I disassembled a hoosier we had, as the top part didn't fit in the nook. Yes, I know some of the drawers are missing...

I found knobs at Michael's for 1$!!! They said different things like pull, push, discover. I thought this was fitting for the big cabinet door.

I dumped all of my ribbons into a basket. Eventually, I will organize this better, but I kinda like the look.

Other accessories found a home in a plastic (hate these things) storage container. Maybe shelves are in the future???

I am missing a very important item: a chair. I am on the lookout for a small chair or perhaps an ottoman that I can slipcover in delicious fabric. Perhaps a stripe or toile.

My dining room table is sighing in relief now. It will no longer be burned by the glue gun or weighted down with wreaths.

Do you have a spare room/nook? Post a link if you do!!!! I'd also like to make a disclaimer: this is not finished yet! I want to personalize it with perhaps photos, wall words, etc. I look forward to seeing your spare rooms!

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