Friday, June 3, 2011

Mini Us

Some of my fondest memories include an answering machine. Do you even know what those are anymore? Yes, younger generation, cell phones weren't as common and big, bulky machines were needed to capture priceless updates. My mom, dad, and younger sister would gather around this black box to record a family message at least every other Friday night.

This took at least an hour.

It went something like this:
Dad (in deep theatrical voice) "Helloooo. You have reached Tim..."
Mom (in higher-pitched, allisrightwiththeworld voice) "Charlotte"
Me (in a teenagertryingtobecool voice) "Anna!!!"
Miriam (in a littlegirldon'tforgetmeeventhoughi'mtheyoungest voice) "Miriam!"
Unison: "We can't come to the phh-ha-ha-onneee right now, BAHAHA, wheeze, wheeze, but leave a message and we'll......hahasnortwheezeagghhh..."

And that would be it.

Over, and over, and over.

But, we then decided to get all Von-Trapp-ish and sing the message. Billy Graham would be so proud, because we would sing "Just as I Am', harmony and all. Mom and Miriam would be holding down the melody, Dad would be doing something like Barry White, and I would be attempting Julie Andrews...

But then we'd laugh.

And we'd listen to it over, and over, and over.

"Do I really sound like that?"

"Do I laugh like that?"

"Am I that loud???!!!"

It is so amazing how you view yourself differently when looking through a different mirror. Despite this nice walk down the dusty halls of my memory, I do have a point.

My child, whom is definitely a congruent mix of Patrick and me, is what I would call a "Mini Us". At times, when his eyes are narrowed and mouth hangs open while watching tv, I see all Patrick (sorry, Patrick). Other moments, when he chuckles with a super huge double chin even more pronounced from a cheesy grin due to the introduction of chocolate, I see all me (scary).

He is watching and always listening, patterning his voice, gestures, and actions after what he sees from us.

I'd like for him to see a perfect marriage, but like the answering machine, we have to keep honing the message. I read a blog post today that struck home, and it prodded me to type this post.

What is your message??

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