Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My not-so-secret Garden

"Don't let us make it tidy," said Mary anxiously. "It wouldn't seem like a secret garden if it was tidy."
~The Secret Garden

You may remember my previous post about my miniature garden. Every few days, I add to this magical little world. While laying out the pebbles this afternoon, one hand in the dirt and one hand wrapped around Jonah, I remembered the enchanting book The Secret Garden. Have you ever read that book?

Although this garden is on the front porch and in plain sight of any porch passer-byers, I tend to think we share a few secrets. No one else really knows what new accessory will settle into a corner or when Mr. McGregor's boots will appear.

I believe this not-so-secret garden has become my not-so-normal therapy.


You've gotta try it.


Stately Lady said...

I love it!! How very cute!! I have to try it.

Craftberry Bush said...

soooooooo darn cute.....me loves it so much...xo

Hailey said...

SO CUTE!! I can definitely see how that's therapeutic! :)

Anonymous said...

I love this so much and i love the way your post started with a scene from the secret garden and i love the way you show your love for God!
Thank you