Sunday, May 1, 2011

Mini: the next Biggest thing

When I was in fourth grade, I made a log cabin with my dad and grandaddy for a school project. This was not your ordinary "night-before-cardboard-box-popsicle-stick" moment. This was hand-hewn planks, individually placed wooden shingles, carefully-selected pebbles for chimney, and little house on the prairie furniture. I've got to show pictures on here, because this house was a little girl's dream.

Since that time, I have loved miniature worlds. I read books about tiny people living behind walls in houses, using thimbles for a bathtub. I played with the "Littlest Pet Shop" toys, which were absolutely mesmerizing. Even to this day, I pause in front of dollhouses and stare in awe.

Apparently, the world of miniature gardening is the next biggest thing for adults and children alike. While reading Living With Lindsay last week, I stumbled upon the world of mini gardens. This happened on a Tuesday, a day which leaves me in clinic with hardly any time to breathe. I couldn't get this idea out of my head, and between patients I would brainstorm ways to make my garden unique.

Somewhere between patient 3 and 4, I knew my theme. Peter Rabbit, in all its childlike sweetness, would be perfect!

I could easily involve Jonah once he got older, and my own hopeless romantic self would be enrapture with the garden within a garden, small gate, Mr. McGregor's boots, and some garden rakes and such.

This world of miniature gardening was foreign to me. I came across a wonderful site devoted to this craft. This site even breaks down the differences between miniature gardens, fairy gardens, and gnome gardens! YES...there IS a difference.

After a few days of research and the growing itch to make my own, I broke down and bought a bonsai tree, some sort of bush thing, and two little plants.

I used the stones that came with the tree, but the dollar store and Michael's are calling my name. I am on the hunt for Peter Rabbit-ish items, and I will not rest until I find them! I am completely hooked on this idea now, and my garden has so much room to "grow" in character!!


The ideas are endless! If you aren't sure how to even start, Two Green Thumbs sells kits!!!

I believe one of Jonah's birthday parties will involve small pots, small plants, dinosaurs, pirates, and kid creativity! Wouldn't that be a fun party activity??

Stay tuned for future gardening endeavors!

Are you hooked yet??

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