Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Birthday Balloon for Ayden

April 27, 2009.

Just a date to most, but to a certain mother that is also a dear friend, it is the day that her firstborn made his entrance into this world. With beautiful clear eyes that mirrored heaven and a melting smile, this little boy changed lives.

He went home to Jesus four short months later, but his story didn't end there.

Ayden, your story is read by me each day. Each minute, each breath, each moment of my child's kisses and tantrums is a gift. A blessing. Your parents know you are a gift. They knew you were God's, and I am a better parent because of you.

Today, April 27, 2011, we celebrate Ayden's second birthday. Many people all over have sent balloons to Ayden, and we joined as well right in our backyard.

As a family, we walked up to Food Lion to pick out a balloon. I would have loved to find a Mickey Mouse balloon, but the only balloon the employees could actually inflate was a huge Elmo balloon. We walked back home, Patrick toting the balloon under his arm while I pushed Jonah in the stroller. We received quite a few second glances as cars drove by through our neighborhood, but we were on a mission to send a little boy a balloon for his birthday.

Once home, we wrote on the Elmo balloon a brief little message.

Outside in the backyard, Jonah hugged and kissed on the Elmo balloon before we let it go.

"We love yous" were said, and we followed that balloon through the sky until it became just a tiny pinpoint in the sky over the trees.

Remember Ayden's mommy and daddy in your prayers today as they celebrate such a gift. If you would like to learn more about Ayden and his family, you may visit his mommy's blog.

Happy 2nd Birthday, Ayden! We love you!

Uncle Patrick, Aunt Anna, and your bud Jonah

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