Wednesday, May 4, 2011

See You in Heaven

When I was a little girl, my cousin Jenny and I were pen pals. We would write long, dramatic letters to each other, detailing our summer escapades and current crushes. We'd always end the letter with the phrase "See you in heaven". I'm not sure when this started, and I am surprised that at such a young age we realized that tomorrow wasn't promised. We cherished each day we had and were comforted at the thought that we'd always get to see each other again, regardless of our earthly circumstances.

I remembered this phrase last week as I sorted through the mail. I came upon a thick white envelope with my name on it. I had been eagerly watching the mail like a kid watches for reindeer on Christmas Eve, for I had been informed a special package was on its way from a dear friend.

I've never met this friend in person, but she is a "kindred spirit" as Anne of Green Gables would say. Her words of encouragement appear when I need it the most, and her blog is inspiring and full of beautiful simplicity and soulful musings.

Inside the package was a beautiful book creation: Peter Rabbit came to life on a page from the dictionary, surrounded by a pale blue distressed frame. This friend knew I loved Peter Rabbit, and she also is a fellow lover of all things book related. My camera does not do this justice, but I wanted to include a few pictures anyway.

You can see a post about it here


Although I may not ever meet her on earth, I know I will see her in heaven. As you post your writings and browse your community of blogs, remember the faces behind them. Treasure the friendships, and take time to encourage each other.

Since I've received encouragement, I want to pass this on as well. I've never done a giveaway, but I think it's about that time. Post a comment describing how YOU would pass on a handmade item to one of your blog followers, and I will randomly select a winner on Monday.

Of course, your giveaway will most likely include a book creation of some sort!


Dameron Girls said...

Love it! So sweet! I was just thinking I was in a blog slump...maybe this will help me get out of it! I will come up with a post!

Dameron Girls said...

Obviously, I can't read...I thought you said write a post...just reread a comment:

My handmade item would most likely be something I knit. Either a baby hat for a wee one or super fun/cute can huggie things!