Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sculpey Sunday

You may have read about my newest obsession, miniature gardening. I'm proud to say my garden is thriving, and I have picked up little trinkets here and there to help tell the garden's story.

This particular garden belongs to Mr. McGregor, whose boots I have yet to find. Peter Rabbit and Mother Rabbit made an appearance today, via the miracle clay called Sculpey.

Yes, on Mother's Day, I tediously made these two rabbit characters as Patrick played video games and Jonah slept. I'm one of those people who gets an idea and doesn't rest until it is completed. That Sculpey clay was just begging to be molded and baked, regardless of my inexperience.

After a few minutes of rolling and pinching, as well as Patrick's contribution of his old dissection kit from college, I began to see my little characters come to life.

I've never tried to sculpt anything before, but I think I did ok for a first attempt. After baking, the whites of the ears and bellies had turned the same color as the fur. I guess I will be touching up those areas as well as adding cutesy rabbit eyes and whiskers.

Any tips regarding sculpey techniques are greatly appreciated! I've gotten enough of this project done where I don't feel the need to add daily. If something strikes my fancy, it will find a home in the garden. Otherwise, attention is now turned to keeping everything green!!

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Chloe Helms said...

Anna! This is one of the cutest things ever!! I'm already thinking of ideas.......