Monday, February 15, 2010

There's SNOW place like home

As you all know, it snowed this past weekend. Not the kind of usual snow us easterners get, but the deeper than 1 inch snow minus the ice. The great snow! Patrick's parents are in town, and his mom called to us Friday night: "It's SNOWING!!" "No it's not!" we both exclaimed. Patrick and I ran to the windows in our kitchen to look at the backyard. Patrick took one glance outside, then he stifled a yell and jumped up and down (Jonah was asleep so we were trying to be sorta quiet). He grabbed me and kept jumping up and down. We were like two kids at Christmas. We ran to the front of the house to see the view in the front yard. Yep, still snowing.

The next day, we had a good 4+ inches of soft snow on the ground. I was determined to build snowmen and a snowwoman. I have never been the kind of person that loved to roll those round things into beings but having Jonah has changed my perception of fun. We fashioned the homeliest looking snowmen and snowwoman. I was really proud of them until I looked on facebook and saw all of the other snow people. My only comfort was that we had fun doing it!! Jonah loved the snow as usual; I think that his hot-natured self thrives in freezing temperatures.

I realized today that I have changed dramatically since having a child. I remember when it snowed as a teenager and even in college; I dreaded seeing footprints on the fresh snow. I hated to see sled marks everywhere. The worst was when people unknowingly trampled through my yard at home; they were so happy and carefree, but I was so distraught that the beauty of the snow was changed. Now, things are different...

As I was making the snow people, I saw our yard become one of the yards I used to dread. We were making crazy trails in the snow, and footprints were everywhere! It was then that I realized my perception of beauty had changed. I looked at my yard, and I realized that love had been there. Sure, it would be postcard perfect to keep everything confined to a small space in a hidden corner, but I want Jonah to grow up with memories that will reinforce the importance of family and togetherness. 20 years from now, Patrick and I may be sitting on the front porch in the snow, wishing that footprints were in our yard. I want to enjoy the here and now, and my only regret is I didn't make snow cream!!!!


Charbelle said...

WHAT A CUTIE!!! He has the best smile!!!

Brad and Hailey said...

Oh my gosh, that smile is SO adorable! He really did like the snow! Love the pictures!