Monday, February 22, 2010

Letting Go

Today was the first real test for me. Today was the day I had to leave my child in the care of another person that I had just met. Today was the day I had to physically let go. I have been back at work since December 7th, but we have been fortunate to have one-on-one care for several months. The daycare couldn't take Jonah until today, February 22nd. Our first blessing was Aunt Lindsay. She took care of Jonah till January 15th. I felt like Lindsay was like a second mom to Jonah, and Jonah sure loves Aunt Lindsay. We then had Miss Kendall, who recently completed nursing school and is officially working as a nurse!! Congrats, Kendall! Jonah sure loved Miss Kendall, too. We then had Patrick's parents come and stay for the last week. Of course, Jonah lovessss his Mimi and Grandaddy! I am glad they got to share that special tiem. I had been dreading this day for awhile, but it was not as traumatic as I thought.
I really do love the daycare we have for Jonah. It is called Reimage, and I know he will be surrounded with love and be taught in a Christian atmosphere. One of the best things is my old roomie, Anna Lee, has a little girl in the daycare as well. Jonah and Annabel will be in the same classroom in about a month! Jonah sure does think Annabel is one pretty girl.
I know God worked it out for Anna Lee to be standing in the parking lot as I pulled up. I was a nervous wreck, and she helped carry his bag inside. She showed me where to put everything, and then she went off to work while I tried to organize all of Jonah's stuff. I didn't realize how crazy the first day can be! Everything was labeled to death, and I was busy putting away bottles in the fridge, stacking diapers in the cubby, and trying to keep from crying. Little Jonah was just watching from his carseat with a wide-eyed expression.
I finally was done putting away his things, and I put him in a bouncy seat. He normally lights up and plays with these types of things, but I think he knew he was in a different place. I kissed him and told him I loved him, and out the door I went. I had barely pulled onto Memorial Drive when I felt a hot stream of tears running down my cheeks. My little peanut was in a room with 5 other babies and 2 adults. No one-on-one time here! It will be good for him, and as he grows, friendships will grow, too. Who knows, maybe he will have a little girlfriend named Annabel (Not until you are 30, by the way)
The teachers said he was a tad fussy, which is to be expected. He refused to sleep in his crib, which is nothing new. I sure do love swings, but the next baby will learn how to nap in his or her crib:) We all survived, and I hope he gets the hang of this quickly. Happy First Day of School, Jonah! We are proud of you!

Mommy and Me before rushing out the door!

I love Daddy's kisses...


Brad and Hailey said...

Ugh. I don't know how you did it. I'm a mess just thinking about it! I'm glad you found a Christian one though, and it's not filled with tons of germy kids. :)

Charbelle said...

Oh Anna I got teary just reading this! Praying for you!

Lauren said...

You made it through the first day! :) It DOES get easier (from what I have heard). I will be praying for you to have peace of mind each day while Jonah is there.

Judy@cutest-little-things said...

The first day is hardest. My son has been in daycare since he was 8 weeks old, and I thought I would die that first day, handing my precious little boy over for the very first time.

I'm happy to say that now at the age of three, he LOVES his friends at daycare and he adores the teachers that take care of him...but never moreso than he loves being with his mom and dad :)

You will always be first in his heart - and the independence and friendship that he'll get from his experience at daycare (and beyond) will only enrich him as a person.


Emily said...

Hey Anna! Your post brought tears to my eyes. Elijah just started daycare in January (he's now 13 months). It was really hard for me as well! But I must say that I think it is a blessing and he has blossomed in many ways!

Jonah is so cute and it has been fun to follow you all through your blog and facebook! Hopefully our paths will cross one day soon again!

The Three Sams said...

Thanks to all of you for your sweet comments!! This has definitely been a learning process. I am in awe that this is only the beginning of letting go. Each day is a new letting go...I can't believe he will be in school one day, go to college, get maried...oh my!