Thursday, January 21, 2010


Happy FOUR Month Birthday, Jonah!!!
Four months ago at 2:14 pm, my life changed forever.
Four months and one day ago, I didn't even know whose eyes you would have. I didn't know if you would be a happy baby or colicky baby. I didn't know if you would have lots of blond hair or lots of brown hair.
Four months ago, I found out the answers to all these questions, and I found out that being a mommy is the best gift in the whole world.
You have your daddy's eye color but my eye shape. You have your dads lips but my cheeks. Somehow, you got the best of both of us; I think you will be easy-going like your dad, but you do get tickled pretty easy like your mom.
I will never forget the feeling I had when I saw you for the first time! Each day, that feeling increases exponentially!
Despite the characteristics you got from us, I am so thankful to see you are YOU. There is no one else like you, and you are developing your own character and legacy. I pray every day for you, and I look forward to when we can say our prayers together each night.
You are a blessing!!
Here is what you have accomplished/learned in the last four months:
1. Smile with purpose
2. Laugh with purpose (my favorite)
3. Turn your head to your mom/dad, familiar voice
4. Succeed at tummy time!! You actually keep your head up now and enjoy the view!
5. Sit up almost on your own (well we have to help you...)
6. SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT (well good occasional passy reinsertion is needed)
7. Follow objects up, down, all around
8. Grasp for anything within your reach, including my hair.
9. Grab your passy when it falls and put back in! (this is the coolest)
10. ROLL OVER from back to front and front to back! (this just happened yesterday!)

We love you, Jonah!!!!

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Brad and Hailey said...

So awesome he rolled over both ways already! Such a cutie!