Saturday, September 5, 2009

Jonah and the Whale:)

I have decided to post these infamous belly pictures. Of course, I do not know how to post pictures appropriately on this blog, so they are on reverse order. This should make it all the more entertaining!

September 2, 2009
A little over 37 weeks, but measuring 40!

July 18th, 2009
30 weeks

June 1, 2009
24 weeks

May 4, 2009
20 weeks...oh how little that bump was!

March 25, 2009
Around 14 weeks....

Hopefully, I will get the hang of posting pictures. But, until then, enjoy going backwards! It is extremely hilarious to me to see the picture from 37 weeks. I really don't feel that big, but I can see how it can be quite shocking!

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