Sunday, September 6, 2009


I had big plans for this weekend. I really did; however, my fatigue got the best of me....until today....
Friday night I was so exhausted from the week that I stayed home from Patrick's football game. I wrote thank you notes with my numb hands and watched pointless TV.
Saturday, we slept in till around 11am!! Of course, we were each still in different beds....I can't breathe at night and have to use the potty at least 8 times per night, so Patrick and I both have more rest in separate accommodations. He is upstairs in the guest room, and I spread out with my mountains of pillows in our King size bed downstairs. Tuck stays with me, and he is blissfully unaware of my nightly rituals: pee, toss to left side, pee, toss to right side, pee, go to kitchen and down a whole bottle of dasani, pee again just to make sure it's all out, figure out which side I should be on this time, figure out that's definitely not the correct side because of the stabbing pain through the hip, toss to the other side, snore, wake-up. Oh, did I mention that "toss" is used very loosely in this example! By this stage of the pregnancy, Jonah gets quite comfortable on whichever side I am laying; therefore, I have to literally support my belly with one hand while trying to turn over to the other side and bring him with me. Weird.
Saturday afternoon we had good intentions of watching our beloved ECU Pirates play, and we did watch it for approximately 30 minutes! The next thing I knew, I woke up in a pool of drool, and Patrick was snoring away beside me. Wow we are old.
Sunday, we woke up and went to church. We had a quick lunch at a local restaurant, and when I got home I still felt sleepy. I laid down for about 10 minutes, and then it happened.
All that talk about butterfinger cake and rice krispy treats hit me again. I HAD to make it, and I HAD to go to the store right then.
So, I grabbed my purse, but I couldn't get out of the house just yet. Nope. Never in my life have I ever felt the need to clean out from under the sink. Who does that anyway? I'm the kind of person to buy the 15th bottle of windex just because I can't remember if we have any under the sink, nor do I care to look before I buy it! I sorted through the cabinet and frantically tossed away old bottles. In my head, all the carpet cleaner/dishwasher cleaner/windex HAD to be on the right side. All the towels/sponges/scrubbers HAD to go into the blue little caddy on the left. The remaining pledge/kaBOOM/toxic chemicals stayed in the middle. Whew. That's done!
I make it to the grocery store, and I find myself in the detergent aisle. I had every intention of buying just one bottle of detergent for this family, but I kept hearing in the back of my mind this mantra over and over: dreft, dreft, dreft, dreft, DREFT! It was like a runaway train coming closer and closer. I literally stood in that aisle about 10 minutes, comparing the cost of dreft to the regular detergent that was "fragrance-free, dermatologist approved!" I couldn't bring myself to buy it. This baby was going to have the detergent dreft, because if he broke into a rash because his mom was concerned about spending an extra 10$, then his mom would probably be found facing a corner rocking back and forth, back and forth.....
I bought a normal detergent as well, because I have a thing for yummy smelling freshly washed clothes; I also bought bounce dryer sheets for the adults in this household. I am sure by week 3, all of the laundry will be thrown in together, but for now this baby is getting the royal treatment.
I make it home and put everything away in record time. I put the cake in the oven and made the rice krispy treats. Nothing was burned during this time, which shows you I was on a mission!
After all the treats were out of the oven and cooling, I ran upstairs and started opening and closing drawers in Jonah's room. Off came the crib sheets, tags of 0-3 months clothes, and some washcloths and towels. These all were thrown into the laundry with, you guessed it, DREFT!
I then went into our room and started to fold clothes that had been in my corner of the room for about 3 months. It is at this point that I must confess: I have eaten a rice krispy treat (and licked the bowl). I felt so sick and nauseated, and my stomach was churning. It was either coming out the top, bottom, or both! I curled up on my left side (which is the only way I can lay without losing my breath), and I find myself fast asleep.
Whew! Next thing I know, I'm awake and we are off to taco bell for a cheap dinner. We eat, and when I get home, I finish folding my clothes and Jonah's clothes. Some of Jonah's clothes look a lot smaller coming out than they did going in, but I'm not going to even go there. It makes me irrirated.
That bathroom is begging me to clean it. I can see that cloudy faucet saying "just think of how shiny I will be when you are done!" I have promised myself that I will clean the bathroom tomorrow, as well as clean off the kitchen table. Other than that, I hope the playard makes it into our bedroom. If it doesn't, I'm sure I will force it in there myself.
Is this nesting, or is this the potrayal of a mom-to-be desperately trying to keep some form of control? I am definitely a control freak, and I have planned out my life since graduating high school. Being pregnant is probably one of the biggest out of control moments you can have. Therefore, you may call this nesting, but I look at it as a little bit of nesting and a lot of trying to keep control.
I am so pooped now. But I'm not anywhere near being done. Jonah's clothes are folded, but they are here by the bed waiting for the next time I get the energy to walk upstairs. I figure one day I will look back at this post and laugh. Until then, I have closed the bathroom door so it doesn't taunt me anymore.

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