Thursday, October 16, 2014

Day 16: Growing with Another

Did anyone ever tell you marriage is hard?

Bet you didn't believe it when you had stars in your eyes and thought the other could do no wrong.

You know what? It is SO SIMPLE and downright human nature to think that "the other" has the issue.

He doesn't compliment me on my outfit. Ever.

She doesn't see all that I do around here. I feel so unappreciated.

He is the one with the issue. He is the one who needs to change.

She is the psycho hormonal one. She is the one who has messed this all up.

I fail often. Sometimes daily. In fact, I failed recently... for quite a good span of time. Losing sight that I'm part of a team. We need to have each other's backs. It's us, standing side by side, facing forward. Not staring down one another, challenging, stabbing with words.

We all have our struggles. Our quirks. Our messes that don't stink to us but can push the ones we love away.

Some of the most dangerous thoughts in a marriage are born from pride, edged with self-righteousness.

The thought that "If only they....." instead of changing ones' self first. Discontentment breeds in the shadows, and comparison yanks joy out from under you.

So you grow. You grow apart or you grow together.

It's in the hard that the miracle comes... just you wait and see.

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