Monday, February 2, 2009

First Appointment for Baby Sams and Mom!

It's now 7 weeks along, and I had my first prenatal appointment. To stay true to my profession, I have decided to be followed by the nurse miwives. The lady I saw today was a familiar face, thankfully! Her husband was my clinical instructor during my OB rotation in nursing school a few years ago. In fact, when I graduated from nursing school, she was graduating from midwifery school. I remember seeing all of the Master's prepared students on that stage and thought "Oh, if only that were me".

Well, it will be me in a few short months, and I thoroughly enjoyed telling that to every person in that office who even dared ask anything remotely related to school! I was in and out in less than an hour, and once I left, I forgot to ask my list of questions!!!

Can I dye my hair? Can I eat peanut butter? What about diet sodas? Caffeine? What do you think about Crystal Light? Is benadryl safe? Is it normal to feel so crabby? Will the nausea ever go away? What's up with these cramps? Deli meat???? Hot dogs? Feta cheese?

Since I didn't ask these questions (except the deli meat and hot dog one..those were top priority that day for some reason), I decided to research on my own.

BAD IDEA!!!!! I started to wonder if I needed to test my bottled water for contaminants, because you never know...or maybe just put a plastic bubble around my head so that pollutants can't get to me...I know this is exaggerated, but I felt like everything was off limits!!!

I have chosen to limit caffeine to maybe 1 cup a day if I'm absolutely dragging, avoid diet sodas as much as possible, drink plenty of water, and eat in moderation. Of course, some things I avoid regardless like big fishies and crazy cheese.

Thankfully, there's always pickles!!!!! Yumm...or maybe a few olives

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