Tuesday, April 21, 2009

BOY or girl??

The day has finally come! Everyone has been saying "it's a girl!!" At the beginning of the pregnancy, I KNEW it was a boy. Then, after we had a few more appointments, I changed my mind. I KNEW it was a girl! Finally, a few days before this ultrasound, I had a sneaky feeling I was going to be surprised!

Of course, the day we go, the entire office is backed up due to a change in electronic systems. Oh well, our turn is coming where I work, too, so I wasn't too upset. Finally, around 4:45, we make our way back to the ultrasound room. It took a few seconds, and BAM! Hiney up, there was Jonah! There was no mistaking he was a boy. He was extremely active, arching his back, pumping his arms, and sucking his thumb. However, he was still very cooperative, and we were able to see all of his little organs...which were perfect by the way!!

The doctor came in to take a quick peek at the ultrasound himself, and the visit was over. However, I decided to open my fat mouth and ask how my weight was going. I've gained 13lbs??? What in the world?? He then proceeded to talk about ideal body weight, being overweight before pregnancy, and the kicker: If you don't gain another pound, it won't be a bad thing". Hmph

Despite my overly sensitive and emotional self, I knew this all to be true, and I'm glad he was blunt and honest. However, I have gained another pound since seeing them, but I cut out the Bojangles' biscuits in the morning:) We've also started walking in the evenings (actually we only did it about 3 times).

It's so nice to have a name and a face now!

Thankfully, we don't have to pay for a wedding anytime soon....and we might get some good yard help in the next few years!!

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