Thursday, January 15, 2009


It's early in the morning on a Thursday. I'm already late for my clinical, and Patrick has already left the house. I've got a trip planned to San Diego, CA tomorrow and won't be back till late Monday night. I had this weird gut feeling that I should probably take a pregnancy test. So, I took one, and watched as this one quickly became the bearer of surprising news! A pink line appeared, and I thought, wait that's in the wrong place! That should be the control, not the....UH OH! It was definitely 2 veryyy pink lines. I just kept saying out loud "Oh my, Oh my". I tried to call Patrick but to no avail!!!

The whole day passed, and I tried to think of ingenious ways to break the news. Finally, as an excuse to go to Target, I decided to get Tucker a t-shirt. I wanted it to say "I'm the big brother", but I only found a little yellow and blue pastel shirt. I put it on Tucker when I got home, and I showed it to Patrick. Of course we love when Tucker dresses up, but I asked Patrick what color the shirt was. "Umm, blue?" So, crazy, uncreative me says "No, it's BABY BLUE". He still didn't get it. Made no comment.

I went to the bathroom, got the pregnancy test, held it in the air and said "Baby blue, as in we're pregnant!" To this comment, he could only say "you're kidding". "Let me see it! No way!". I let him see it, and then had to produce 2 more pregnancy tests just to show it "hadn't gone away".

We then proceeded to call our parents, and swore them to secrecy for a little while. Of course, what good is a secret if you can't share it? So, the news was out before we knew it, and our story began.

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