Tuesday, December 3, 2013

What I Learned in November

Hello "deer" ones!

November slipped away as quick as the last swirls of water after my 4-year-old's bath. December is here, wait, it's already the 3rd.....

Joining up with Emily to share what I've learned in November...

1. I have a sinful obsession with sweet things.

2. A little bit obsessed with pictures of coffee mugs on instagram. Not empty cups. Full cups with rich, decadent-looking creamy browns and blacks and almost white for those of you who add a little coffee to your creamer. I even posted a status on facebook asking others to tag me in whatever pics they do of their coffee mugs. So, I am asking you, too. I'm on instagram, too. Hint.

3. I can't do it all. Duh. I should have known this, and I've learned it in the past. Somehow, I forget this at least quarterly. Yes, I said quarterly, because I've been in some type of academic program since I was 3. It's just ingrained in me now.

4. I want(ed) will quit FINISH this PhD program... I had a brief spell of thinking, "Oh, just hang it all...". My husband quickly woke me up with a few words of encouragement, basically saying "youarenotquittingyouhavebeendoingthiscrazythingfor2yearsandyouarealmostdonedon'tquitnowwhatcanidotohelp"

5. Deer are everywhere. They will come out of nowhere like a ninja and stand in the middle of the road, just waiting for you to smack into their big hindparts. Sometimes, I've seen them laughing in the woods... "Roger! You almost had them, didn't you!! Next time a little quicker with the two-step! DO IT FOR BAMBI..."

6. I still love the deer that are everywhere. I love living in the country. Said like this: CUN-treeee. I love fires on weekend nights with neighbors, burning marshmallows and sipping cider.

7. Jesus is always and forever faithful and must stay at the center of my parenting, marriage, friendships, work, everything. Without Him, I am nothing. See #3.

8. Finally, I am an artist. I am made in His Image, and he is a Creator. See how that works? What is my art? I'm still learning. It's the journey that brings out the beautiful colors... I make art wherever I am, whatever I am doing....feeding Maddie, making pb&j for Jonah, raking up dead branches while Patrick uses the chainsaw on the bushes, which I'm not allowed to use since I severed the electrical cord. Twice. Read more about the artist who shared her story and awakening about art here. (It's Emily!!) Go ahead and grab her book, A Million Little Ways, which is so delicious to read. Yes, I said delicious. see #1.

Happy December!!!!!!

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