Saturday, November 6, 2010

Solely Simple: Good for the Soul

Hi. I'm Anna, and I am obsessed with books.



Smelling (especially library books).



I've posted about using books to create beautiful home projects. My last book projects were pumpkins, both big and little. You can read more about it here

I was inspired by another blogger, whom I just recently stumbled upon. She shared today about simple, inexpensive but timeless, and treasured gift-wrapping/decorating ideas.

Of course, no books were harmed in the process. If anything, the books have greater value, because love exists in and around its pages.

Her title was "Simplicity", and I was struck by how much I could identify with her. Since having Jonah and experiencing some pretty challenging things in the past year, I've learned to become simple. I've learned how to take a complicated, harried life and simplify it by weeding out what is not important. It's not important to have the best-dressed kid at daycare. It's not important to have a decorative flag at the mailbox for every season....

It is important to see beauty in the challenges. It is important to make a house a home with things you love, not what others do. It is important to have a faith like a child. A simple faith. A simple love. No complicated equations, no ifs, ands, or buts.

Solely Simple. It's mmm, mmm, good.....for the Soul:)


Craftberry Bush said...

Awww...I stopped by to say thank you for leaving a sweet message and to my surprise I find you have written this beautiful post that has also touched my heart ! Thank you so much ! I feel a tender attachement to your sweet blog .... and it is good for the soul ! :o) Have a great weekend !

Craftberry Bush said...

sorry for mispelling to me!