Sunday, November 14, 2010

From Shuddering to Shuttering!

Are you one of those people who shudders when you think of the dreaded but expected Christmas card? If you are a young, married couple, you may get off the hook. However, once you have a child, you better be dressing up in June for that "perfect family portrait" to go on the most elegant and fringed with tackiness card.

Don't get me wrong. I absolutely love RECEIVING Christmas cards with my loved ones and friends' faces smiling back at me. It makes me feel really special. Don't ever stop! However, the daunting task of choosing the best card to send out, especially since our child is now the focus of the card and not us, has become somewhat dreaded and tedious. That was until I discovered Shutterfly!!

Please take a moment to peek at these creations I have done in the past. Although they are not Christmas-related, they are proof that computer-illiterate people can make marvelous gifts. You can easily put the books together, say maybe on a lunch break? I did exactly that. For the Father's Day one for Patrick. I used the "Simple Path" program, which allows you to pull photos from facebook, as well as organizes the pictures for you!!! You can also design your own templates, but I was really pleased with the Simple Path results.

I also did a book for Jonah's first beach trip.

And finally, my first ever book, which was customized for each set of grandparents

I have always drooled over Shutterfly's holiday photo cards, but I haven't had the opportunity to purchase them yet. I am actually narrowing down my list to pick my favorite design. So far, these are my top three choices:

My favorite colors, and of course, a MONOGRAM!!

A little dash of old-fashioned plaid, which appeals to my "old soul"

An interesting twist on the infamous family Christmas letter

If you are not a photo card kind of person, you could compile a calendar, with each month featuring a special photo memory. These are practical and fun at the same time.

For all of those decorating divas, wall art is another option that Shutterfly offers. I have a completely blank wall going up my stairs, and I have a perfect picture of Patrick and I that will one day be on a canvas print.

All 22 of you that follow me, I have to let you in on a secret. I am super excited that I can share about this product, and they have been gracious enough to offer 50 FREE PHOTO CARDS as a thank-you!!!! I no longer have to shudder at the thought of perusing through ideas for Christmas cards. Shutterfly has thousands of styles to choose from. If YOU want to get in on the fun, go to this link and sign up. Let me know you did!!!

Thank you, Shutterfly!!!!!


Lauren said...

Ethan and I will never send out Christmas cards. We hate them with a passion... and it doesn't matter if we have 5 kids or if everyone else does it... we will not be doing it. Haha. REFUSE TO CONFORM! jk

The Three Sams said...

Lauren! so i'm curious why you don't do Christmas cards. We have never done the ones that gives the year's details or anything; unfortunately, we aren't that interesting!

Radar's Mom said...

Oooooo... thanks for the tip. Last year I used winkflash, but the 50 free and those cool layouts are too tempting. My only challenge is getting the cards out before January 15th!!! Must do better!!!!

Lauren said...

We don't do them because we find them pretty impersonal... nobody ever sends a handwritten note with the card genuinely asking how you're doing. If they write anything, it's "Merry Christmas!" with nothing else. I've seen people prep these cards, and it's just another thing to check off their to-do list in a lot of cases. When we get them, we open them, look at the card for about 2 seconds, and then toss them in the trash. Waste of paper, waste of postage, what's the point? Most of the cards we get are from people we (a) haven't seen in years and (b) won't see for years and (c) don't really care if we see or not. Anyone we're close to and actually cares about us get regular updates (via handwritten letters, which is totally a lost art) and photos of us year round (mostly family) so they're already covered.

The Carrow Crew said...

I vote for the plaid cards! It speaks "Christmas". I love the cutesy ones, but they are more cute than "christmasy" know you like my made-up word! :)