Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Green Gables Goal Completed

You may remember my previous post about home goals for 2011. I finally created a spring wreath, and I succumbed to the poofy mesh world. Don't misunderstand me, for I love the look of vibrant pinks and greens, polka dots and lime accents. I'm just such a simple, burlap-trimmed girl, and it shows in my creations.

I had grand ideas of a monogram "S" nestled in this poofy wreath, but an old egg garland from Target was begging for a new job besides sitting in the closet. I made a spiraling but simple nest out of the garland accessories, and I chose three eggs to represent my little family.

The sherbert green is beautiful in person, but it is hard to see the contrast against the polka dot ribbon from far away.

It is an imperfect wreath, but it will see so many treasured faces enter our home, and that is what makes it beautiful to me.


Hailey said...

Beautiful Anna! So creative!

Dameron Girls said...

OK, seriously your wreath makes me want to abandon my origional idea for a spring wreath! I LOVE IT!!!! I drove by the other day and thought you did an awesome much did it cost you to make it?

Maybe you should do a follow up "How To" post on this one!