Monday, January 17, 2011

Imperfect Heart

Update: This post was originally published in January. I am linking up with The Nester today, which is March 21, 2011. This book creation, one of many, was far removed from the vision in my head. I took a risk in butchering the pages, but I love the result. I now have it flipped the other way, which now looks like a butterfly! Perfect for Spring...

See below for original post:

I did it again.

I pilfered through my book library for another willing participant. This time, it was a hardback book with a fittingly red inside cover and back. Perfect for Valentine's Day!

I had a vision in my head of a heart of book pages miraculously standing at attention once the book was opened and casually placed on the mantle. I used one of my Christmas gifts from Patrick, an x-acto knife set, to create this vision.

Well, my vision quickly dissipated when I realized I had cut the heart the wrong way. It was an imperfect heart. I felt kinda sorry for it. I decided to not tear out any of the unused book pages, just so the heart would still feel at home. The more I looked at it, the more I loved it.

I placed it on my mantle and opened it up. This imperfect heart fit right in with my imperfect mantle decorations, imperfect chipping windowpane, imperfect style. Just because it is not perfectly placed or perfectly designed, it is beautiful to me.

What imperfectly beautiful things have you created lately??


Dameron Girls said...

your mantel looks SO good! I love the things you added on the floor too!

Hailey said...

You are so creative!

Craftberry Bush said...

Are you kidding Mrs Sams, it looks brilliant!!! LOVE it so much. ...I think I'm gonna make one just like it.xo

Gayle @ TrainingOlives said...

Very pretty and creative! I also really love your wreath on the window frame. Very nice!

Lindsay said...

Awesome mantel looks wonderful love all of the old things! I LOVE the wreath did you make that? I really need to make one-just not sure hoe to do it.. Cute blog.