Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Baby Changes Everything: the Wentz Christmas

Take a minute to think back on your favorite Christmas song. Do you have one? If you ask me to name any of my favorite songs, it is by "the modern one" and "the classic one". For instance, one of my favorite older country songs is "You Were Always on My Mind"; my newer favorite country song would be something by Brad Paisley. My favorite "old" Christian song would be "Come Thou Fount", and my favorite "new" song changes monthly, so this isn't a fair example. So, I love the song "O Holy Night". Last year I heard a song called "A Baby Changes Everything", by Faith Hill. If you have never heard it, you should probably stop reading and go to youtube. The basic message of the song is the birth of Christ, which changed everything. If you have ever had a baby, you know that a baby changes everything as well.

This Christmas, we were able to celebrate with our new addition, Jonah. Christmas is always a time of mixed emotions for me. I couldn't believe that I finally had a child, and I will one day lay out the gifts on the couch, stuff the stocking, and cram presents under the tree. At the same time, there are always moments of rememberance and maybe twinges of sadness; there may even be moments of pain when you realize your cousin isn't there in the sunroom helping you eat the cheese ball. Or maybe your uncle isn't there to tickle the keys on the out of tune piano in the living room. It is at this moment that you remember what Christmas is all about. It isn't about the last minute rush to Target to get just one more trinket; it isn't the sparkly gift wrapped with metallic bow. All of the sudden, things that used to be important, just aren't that big a deal.

Jonah got loads of presents. They were all educational, in case you were wondering:) He did receive some precious clothes as well. One of my favorite gifts was the Pooh stacking rings. They are large and plush with rattles. The different characters are different rings. I know he can't use it now, but it will be so much fun in a few short months! He also got a special book with his Sha-Sha and Pops voices reading to him! I can just see my parents recording "The Night Before Christmas" over and over and over. It's like trying to record a message for the answering machine; no one ever gets through it without cracking up. Such is the case with the Wentz family! Sha-Sha opened the book, and we listened to the wise old voices of my parents reading to Jonah. Believe it or not, Tuck sat as still as a statue to listen as well. Must be the teacher voices they have.

Patrick and I spent a total of 20$ on our boy. I had to get him something, and I did wrap it. I couldn't help myself. We got him "My Pal Scout", as I had mentioned in a previous blog. I think we have more fun with it than he does! We also got him "Jonah" by veggie tales. Again, way more fun.

After opening up fun stockings and loads of presents, family began to arrive for Christmas lunch. This is always my favorite time! Usually, I am stuck in the back still frantically getting ready when cousin John arrives; however, this year we stayed in a hotel and were ready when we arrived. Everyone mills around, snacking on crackers and cheese. I always end up loading up on the fudge that is in the sunroom. My mom turns into Martha Stewart during these family dinners. I really think I get my compulsions from her. She will have fudge, crackers, cheese, veggie trays, cider, and coffee in the sunroom while waiting for dinner. Looking for anyone? They are probably in the sunroom...
Once everyone arrived, we ate a delicious lunch and then plopped down all over the house. Having everyone together makes my Christmas complete. Jonah did well, despite being a little tired. He would whimper here and there, but that is when we broke out the "nursing hold". He loves that.

I am so thankful for each day I have with my peanut. I know next year it will be crazy with a toddling boy! I loved seeing my family, but we realized that it is time to start our own Christmas traditions. We will still celebrate with both sides of our family, but it may be on different days other than the actual Christmas day. As our little family of three, we decided to "grill out" on Christmas Eve:) We will do steaks, some type of potatoes, and roast s'mores in the fire pit. Then, with mugs of hot chocolate we will camp out in the living room by the twinkling tree. Doesn't that sound fun??? Here are a few pictures of Jonah with his Sha-Sha, Pops, and Aunt Mims.

Stay tuned for stories from the Sams side!

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