Tuesday, December 15, 2009

These are a few of my favorite things....

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens...bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens...brown paper packages tied up with string...these are a few of my favorite things....
One of my new favorite things is wreaths. Why? I have no clue. Perhaps, if I were truly honest with myself, I realized my attraction to wreaths about three years ago. It was in this very house, while looking at another woman's decor, I saw a wreath. We were touring this house to see if it would be a keeper. Did the wreath seal the deal? Of course not, but I sure did think it was a beauty. This wreath was in the loft area over a dark ebony desk. It was a creamy hydrangea looking thing. I loved it so much that I tried to recreate it for over the mantle. I was happy with the outcome, but it ended up in my dining room. Several years passed, and I saw puffy wreaths made of mesh at the holiday show. These wreaths were so fun, but they were so bright and contemporary. Although I love that look, my home has more of a pottery barn meets target feel. I decided that since I now had a kiddo, I needed more punch for my color palettes of brown, blues, and creams.
Hooray for red and lime green, polka dots and stripes, and silvery mesh ribbon! I had such a blast putting this together, and I decided to make one for every season. Looks like Michaels will be needing to stock up on girly ribbon for Valentines Day! Here is the finished product, with my three little ornament balls hanging from the center. I have a thing for groupings of three, too.

The next wreath I tackled was a book wreath. I had seen this on another blog entitled "Living with Lindsay". Check it out sometime! If I knew how to put her link in here correctly, I would. This particular wreath's pages were made out of a Janette Oke book entitled "A Searching Heart". I have read it several times, so it has meaning as it hangs on my wall! I'm trying to find a reason to make another one. Anyone want one? I'll tear apart your favorite book, sheet music, whatever and glue away!!

This is a side view

Sorry about the lighting...I couldn't capture it right

Anybody have ideas for more wreaths? I can't wait to make the next one!

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