Thursday, November 5, 2009

First Halloween

First of all, I'd like to say that I never imagined myself years ago handing out candy to trick or treaters on Halloween. I hated Halloween as a little girl. I was actually scared of the day. I used to think very bad things would happen to me if I stayed out too late, or very bad things would happen to our house if we left the lights on. So, we normally went to church for some sort of alternative celebration (aka All Hallows Eve) and dressed up like Biblical characters or some creature from the ark. When we got home after these events, we would go into the house, turn off all the lights, and go to bed. I guess no one was brave enough to ring our doorbell, thankfully. We had NO candy to give out!
I say all this to point out that these were fond memories. I never felt left out of the festivities, and I never felt like I needed to dress up. Now that I have a child, I have to decide how I will spend this day. This year, Jonah was put into a pumpkin costume (along with our dog, Tuck), and we sat on the porch giving out candy to the neighbor kids and every other kid that came from a 10 mile radius to our neighborhood:). I enjoyed seeing all of the costumes, and it was nice to fellowship with the great friends that we have in our neighborhood. I will probably tell Jonah when he gets older about the origins of Halloween, and most likely we will do some sort of get together with friends. So, here are some pictures of this night that used to scare me to pieces. :) It's ok Mom and wasn't your fault!

Mommy and Me

Daddy and Me

Elijah, Me, Noah, and Mommy

Me and my Buddy

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