Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Already a month???

I'm sitting here in the living room listening to our swing go back and forth, back and forth....Jonah sleeps the best when he is in the swing, so this is where our naps usually take place! I probably should start transitioning him to his crib for day naps, but I don't have the heart to take him that far away while I'm downstairs! I can't believe he was 5 weeks old on Monday. Where has the time gone? I feel as if I was in a fog for at least 2 of those weeks. To catch everyone up, I'll give little highlights of our story...
Obviously, we survived the notorius "first 2 weeks"! Everyone says the first 2 weeks are the hardest, and they weren't kidding! No one ever tells you how exhausted you will be. No one ever tells you that it takes awhile to figure out your new little person. No one ever tells you that you will love your baby to pieces but still feel as if you have no clue who you are anymore. No one ever tells you that you may cry buckets at 3am while your baby is crying buckets as well...all because you don't know how to help him, and you feel like you have failed since you don't know how! Finally, no one can ever tell you how it feels to finally reach some magic point in those first few weeks where you realize "Hey, I'm a Mom, I like it, and I don't feel completely lost at what I'm doing anymore!" Somehow, the two of you get to know each other, and you are able to hear each others' hearts without the need for words.
Despite all of this, some people do struggle with the blues and feeling down. I was one of these people, and I was annoyed at myself for being one. I felt guilty that I had a beautiful, healthy baby who was good as gold; however, I felt myself spiraling down and unable to be the best mom I could. Making the phone call to the OB office was the best thing I could have done. I was given some medicine, and I feel able to function to the best of my ability to be the mom Jonah needs me to be. I am not anxious anymore, and his cries don't make me nervous anymore, either! I am enjoying staying at home, and each day brings a new gift! Before I forget, I wanted to list some things Patrick and I discovered about our boy.
1. He loves to poot.
2. After he poots, he gets a goofy grin on his face and sighs. (He gets this from both sides of the family).
3. He has about 3 different cries (that I know of right now). The first cry is harsh and relentless: he is hungry! The second cry is not as loud or frantic: this is his gassy cry. The third cry melts my heart: It sounds like someone who lost their best friend, and it stops the minute you pick him up! He wraps his little arms around you and lays his head on your shoulder..this cry happpens usually because his little bottom hurts or he is too cold after a bath.
4. He will follow your finger if you hold it close to his face.
5. He loves to stare at our picture above the bed. This was taken at a shower in Hendersonville, and around it all of our friends and family signed well-wishes from the rehearsal dinner. So much love in that picture! I hope he can tell...
6. He is smiling and actually laughing more each day. Sometimes, it is actually in response to something. I know he probably doesn't process this yet, but I feel that on some level he is really responding to us.
7. He laughs in his sleep. Somewhat loud.
8. He snores at night.
9. He loves soft things and plays with his hands all the time.

Uh oh...the list must end. He is making his first cry that I described! Just like's been 3 hours!!!

Which brings me to #10: He LOVES TO EAT!

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