Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Day 4 of Seasoning: The Extraordinary

This past weekend was spent in the presence of real-life heroes. My mom invited me to the Women's Retreat through my childhood church, of which my parents still attend. My family grew up in this church, and many of those women at the retreat have changed my dirty diapers, taught me voice lessons, showed me how to use a bunsen burner in Chemistry class, took me on class trips to the mountains, prayed with me and over me, arranged the center pieces for my wedding, attended my baby shower, loved me through good times, and cried with me during rough times.

They are true heroes. As I child, I couldn't imagine being their age. I couldn't imagine being a real-live grown-up, content to drink coffee, wake early, and talk late into the night about your children or childhood memories.


I've become one of those real-live grown-ups. I woke up super early Saturday morning to run before breakfast. The air was still and crisp, and I couldn't believe I had actually crossed over into the world of the responsible adult. My next order of business was coffee. Several cups. That sealed the deal.

Most importantly, and the real reason for this post, is that these women love me as I am. They know my past of pea-filled diapers and midterm grades. They remember my prideful moments as a teenager, but it is overlooked.

I have somehow crossed over an imaginary bridge into womenhood. These ladies who raised me are my heroes. They have lavished me with hugs and silent whispers of "I'm praying, dear Anna". No questions asked. No judgment passed. No empty advice.

Instead, they point me to the Father. They remind me of Grace. They love me as a friend.

This is extraordinary.

Our God is extraordinary, and He wants you to see the Extraordinary Moments.

Don't be so focused on the Season you are in that you are consumed with the ordinary.

What are your extraordinary moments?


Elisabeth said...

This made me smile...and made me cry all at the same time. Love you anna!

Chef Penny said...

What a great post! It's always good to belong somewhere you can just be you.

Hailey @ "Me & My Boys" said...

Made me smile too. It probably helps that we can picture who you're describing. :) Love this.