Monday, October 3, 2011

Day 3 of Seasoning

I still remember my first time behind a wheel of a car, legally...

I am 15, perched behind a steering wheel of an out-of-date white state car, with a rough-looking character known as the Driver's Ed teacher.

"Slowly, Anna", he says. "Keep your eyes straight ahead. Don't look down at the lines. You will swerve all over the place. Then, you will get stopped by the cops".

I have never forgotten the feel of that steering wheel beneath my baby hands. I still remember pulling out in traffic outside the school, disbelieving this was truly happening. I remember being told to drive from one side of the street to the other, changing over three lanes.

That was terrifying.

But I heard his voice again. "Keep your eyes straight ahead. Don't look down...."

Set your gaze forward. Towards the horizon. Look towards the destination.

This view is different. You still see trees, dips, and potholes, but you also see the horizon.

You see a moving forward.

You see beauty you may have missed.

The Grace moments beside you, The healing rain above you...

Where are you headed?

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