Friday, September 23, 2011

A New Friend for you to Follow

I'd like to introduce you to a dear friend of mine who just wrote her first post ever!! She has been pondering the idea of blogging for about a year now. I've gone to her in the good, bad, and ugly times for godly advice. She speaks truth and is wise beyond her years. Her heart is for women and marriages, and I truly believe you will be blessed by following her!!

So, ramble on over to Stephanie,whom I have known since I was only a few months old. We have been side by side ever since, regardless of the miles that separate us. From popcorn snacks sitting under the sink as roly poly babies to a shared margarita, we have forged a deep bond!

Love you, Steph!! I look forward to reading your beautiful thoughts. You will make a difference; you have made a difference in me!

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