Sunday, April 3, 2011

Burlap Ribbon and Linen

Burlap is so plain, scratchy, but it is beautiful to me.

There is something about its rawness and simplicity that says home. After using a small bit of burlap ribbon for my spring wreath, I was taunted by the leftovers and an empty-faced linen pillow.

I have seen pillows with rosettes for accessories, and I wanted to do this by myself. I had seen tutorials on several blogs, and I felt ready to take on this challenge.

Just by twisting the burlap in a circle, working from the inside out with glue gun dots here and there, I came up with this:

The pillow before was classy and worked with the bench, but I wanted to add some homey burlap...just because the unused ribbon was calling to me...

I played around with the rosettes before actually gluing to the pillow. By this point, I decided that if one was a little "off" or not quite centered, it didn't matter. No one is perfect, and this pillow won't be either!

The finished project made my heart smile.

This "S" of rosettes symbolizes more than just the first letter of our last name. It says home.

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