Tuesday, February 8, 2011

In Case You Didn't Know..

My blog friend Lucy (who is such a kindred spirit and I wish I could meet in person), was given a blog award by another blogger. It was the Stylish Blogger Award, and she had to list seven things about herself. She has passed this award to her blog followers, so I have decided to participate!

I am such a nosy person, and many of you probably are, too, but just won't admit publicly.

So, enjoy my unorganized flight of thoughts and pass the award on to your friends as well!

1. My left front tooth was broken clean in half when I was in middle school by my sister. We were playing on the probably very unsafe swing sets after school, as my mom finished up her teacherly duties inside. My sister swung one of the big metal rings towards me to catch, and it hit me full force in the mouth. I now have a half-fake, half-real front tooth.

2. I love singing. I was in the Charlotte Children's Choir, and I later sang and played the piano on the youth worship team in high school. In college, I studied voice a few semesters as well as led worship for a campus ministry called InterVarsity. Since graduating, I have not done much except the occasional wedding with a dear friend. I miss it.

3. I'm a perpetual student. I get excited about research. I love writing papers. I am looking into options to pursue my PhD in nursing hopefully in the fall. I'm a nerd.

4. I love to run. I don't look like a runner, run like a runner, or have stellar times like a runner. I'm a work in progress, but running is my own personal form of therapy. I love the way the sweat flies, the muscles burn, and the music inspires.

5. I have been to Israel and the Philippines. I saw Jesus in the poorest of the poor. I saw giant faith in little children. I went to minister to them, but I was the one changed.

6. I was not always a craft-a-holic. Or wreath-a-holic. After Jonah was born, I would sit in our living room while he napped in the swing, looking at the walls that were begging for a homemade creation or furniture that was craving distressing. I was inspired to make my house a home. I want others to feel at home. Lovingly made things of beauty do that to a house...

7. The second time I saw my husband, I knew we would be sharing our lives together. That is another complicated, hopelessly sappy post. I don't know how to prove it to him, but he says he believes me.

I look forward to your posts so I can be nosy and find out even more about you!!!

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Hailey said...

I loved reading every one of these, but wanna know what's really crazy? I knew them all! lol. I might play along too. Oh, and I left you a blog award the other day too. Not sure if you saw it or not. :)
I'd love to hear the sappy post! :)