Thursday, December 2, 2010

A TREEat for my mantle

I have been inspired by all of you blog ladies out there who have perfected your Christmas mantle. Linky parties are popping up everywhere, and I couldn't help but post some pictures of my own mantle.

I was so excited, that I didn't even wait till daylight when the lighting would be good. I did this at 8pm, right after using my trusted but cheap glue gun for the third night this week.

I can't help it. I love Christmas.

And snowmen.

The older I get, the simpler my Christmas decorating becomes. Oh, I still love the neon green polka dots with a cranberry red stripe, but this just doesn't work in my house. Instead, I use silver and white ribbons, glass balls with jingle bells, creamy quilted stockings and tree skirt edged with bells, and little white lights on my tree. I know to some that may be boring, but I feel peaceful and am reminded of the simplicity with which the first Christmas was defined.

A wooden manger. Dirty straw. White, twinkling stars. This is Christmas to me.

Pardon the quality of the pictures, and I'd like to introduce to you my newest book friend: Mr. TREE!!!!!!!

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Stately Lady said...

Oh my goodness, your mantle is GORGEOUS!! Straight out of a magazine beautiful! I love it!!!