Monday, May 10, 2010

What I learned...

Well, I made it through the first week of a lifestyle change. By using some weight watchers ideas and good ole common sense, I have eaten healthy using the CORE plan instead of the FLEX plan (I hate counting points). I have also purposefully exercised and actually enjoyed it. It probably helps that my friend (who will remain nameless unless she desires to spill the beans) is on the journey as well!
So, today I was 2.2 pounds down. For crying out loud, can we go any slower??? However, in this week I learned the following things:
1. I can resist chocolate, multiple times over
2. I can stop eating when I'm full, even if there is food left on the plate.
3. When emotionally eating is no longer a favorite pasttime, I become obsessed with other outlets for my emotions.


the new goal for running. Well, it isn't that new, as I had blogged about this earlier. However, I found a website called . I emailed the ladies, and they said a group does not exist in Greenville. Who wants to join with me? The goal is to support each other and leave no mommy behind! The outfits are super cute, too. This brings me to my next website I love: skirtsports! How cute to have a skirt to run in. Yes, it is girly, but I hate the way shorts ride up awkwardly while running.

Anybody in with me? Week 2 of weight watchers is already in full swing. Let's hope for a steady decrease in the scale.....


Charbelle said...

Yay go Anna!!!! For the record it's much much better to lose slowly and as a complete lifestyle change.
I'm by no means the best person to be doling out advice but it's something that I read on sparkpeople so I'm not actually taking credit for it.
As for the sportskirt I think it's fabulous!! Who cares if it's girlie, we're GIRLS!

Hailey said...

Any excuse to wear cute clothes! lol. But I hate running, so you can have that part. Maybe I'll order a cute skirt and then wear it while I'm doing my P90x. At least the numbers are going down now! Don't get discouraged if it hangs out there for awhile, though. I ran into that problem, and I keep having to give myself pep talks. :) Can't wait to see your progress!! June is just around the corner!!! YAY!

Isaac's Mom said...

Chicklet, you're only supposed to lose 1-2 lbs per week. Usually if you lose more than that, you are losing water or muscle. So congrats! Losing 2 lbs in a week is fabulous! After I have this baby, I may need tips on how to get the weight off :-).