Thursday, September 24, 2009

Chapter Two: To Patrick

This post is for my husband, who is now a dad, and a great one at that!
Throughout my pregnancy, you have been loving, supportive, and encouraging despite my 50lb weight gain, rearranged body, and whirlwind emotions.
You tell me you were impressed by me during the labor and delivery process, but I must say that you impressed me! Although I was quite possibly in the worst shape and unresponsive to your encouragement, you continued to coach me through the birth of our son. You offered ice, an arm for that dead leg of mine that must have weighed a ton, and unrelenting encouragement that I could do it. I think we have grown closer because of this experience, and I am amazed with each hour that passes at how you have waited on me hand and foot while still attending to Jonah.
I look forward to starting this journey with you, and I am proud to be your wife and Jonah's mother. To be continued....

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