Thursday, July 9, 2009

No one's a stranger when you're pregnant...

I decided to document the little sayings and scenarios that I have encountered over the past few weeks. There must be a direct correlation between the size of your belly and the nosiness/friendliness/compassion of strangers. For your reading pleasure, I will just update what happened this week...keep in mind, there are many more where this came from!

In McDonalds getting an iced coffee "You look really cute in that outfit"
Walking to cafeteria in hospital "When you comin' to see us?"-lady in scrubs. "Oh, you must work in labor and delivery!"-me. "Yes, honey, we will see you soon!"
In a restaurant at the beach "Oh gosh, they are BOTH pregnant! 2 pregnant ladies together" (don't know exactly what this meant, but obviously when you and a friend are pregnant, people think it's interesting.
In a patient's room "You must be having a girl...your hips are wide!"
On the bus "You are going to have such a hot summer...poor thing"
And my favorite "Are you going to take time off of work before the baby is due? " I WISH I had that luxury!!! I will instead be working until the water breaks and then some....

Basically, the point of this story is to say that no one is a stranger when you are pregnant. A round belly automatically dislodges strangers' tongues, and they will ask anything and everything. Good thing I'm a people person!! I actually enjoy how there is a certain bond between you and everyone you pass. It is the one time that strangers are genuinely concerned about you as an individual without knowing anything about you. What would life be like if we were always so friendly?

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