Monday, October 6, 2014

Day 6: When the Ordinary Becomes Priceless

I was a teacher's kid. Early mornings and late afternoons were spent in the little Dodge traveling to and from school. My sister and I would fight over the front seat. Every. Single. Day.

I didn't realize it then, but those forced family moments were packaged bonding time. A mom and her girls grew through the years. A companion traveler would have seen our styles subtly changing over the years, but the bond between a parent and their children never changed.

This morning, I froze still after turning the key to start the journey to two different daycare/school locations. I had been holding my breath; I was tense and hurried, rushing my oldest to just buckle up already and put the pop tart in the cup holder. My youngest was in the rear-facing car seat, watching her brother with awe and smiling at me as if I were taking her on an adventure. I saw myself rushing the sacred moments. Each click of the seat belt harness was one less click I would ever do for my boy. Every kiss on the head of my girl before shutting the door was one less kiss I could give. Backward glances in the rearview mirror were numbered, and this day was one last day I had to see them trusting me fully, wholeheartedly, and loving me even through my faults.

We nearly hit a deer on our journey today, the three of us packaged in the golden SUV. I cried out "Oh, Jesus!" like a frantic prayer, and I saw how quickly our moments could have changed.

This is holy ground...This buckling and tugging and putting on of coats. This is where the ordinary loses the mundane habits and becomes a priceless treasure. This is how you grow together while growing up... One seatbelt click at a time.

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