Monday, October 10, 2011

Day 10 of Seasoning: A Time to Remember

We've all heard the story. Dying so we may live. A cross, a hill, a man.

Do we really know the story? Do we remember it each minute of each day, over and over again?

Most likely not...

Until we need it. And then we say thank you, half-distracted as we plod on in our mess. For to us, our pain is too great, our sin too ugly, and our hearts are still too entertwined to the world to truly remember the story.

Think of a time you were hurting. Crying scalding tears, or not crying at all because no tears are a left.

Now, think of all that, cast on the man on the cross.

Not only that, but every other shard of mess in this world.

Did He feel every broken marriage on the cross?
Did He hear the cries of parents who lost their chilren?
Did He see the arrows of harsh words as they pierced those we love?

The answer is yes. Over and Over and Over again....

No matter how deep your hurt, He has felt deeper. He understands, so remember.

Surely he took up our pain,and bore our suffering...
Isaiah 53:4

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