Saturday, September 11, 2010

Cheesy Chariots

Remember the opening scene of the movie "Chariots of Fire"? The runners legs blurring together, donned in white and kicking up foam? The music growing intensity yet maintaining the heartbeat of perseverance?

I had it on my Ipod, for my first 5k (ever), at the Ayden Collard Festival.
Since we are being honest, I am going to unveil my innermost secrets. I am that kind of girl who thought running was ridiculously insane, unnatural, and unattainable. Yet, I always admired runners. There is something about using your body, in all its glorious imperfections, to blaze a trail through challenges. I started by walking/running. I'd run (read: plod/jog) for about a minute, then walk 2. Needless to say, I could never imagine running WITHOUT STOPPING...I mean, who does that???

As much as I hate to admit it, I seriously was inspired by my playlist and good ole Chariots of Fire. I purposefully arranged my songs so that I would have transition moments, and Journey's "Don't Stop Believing" preceeded the epic "Chariots of Fire" music. I couldn't have planned it better, for just as the dum-dum-dum dum-dum-dum dum-dum-dum DUM-DUM-DUM-DUM-DUMMM-DUMMMMMMM started, I see Patrick and Jonah on the horizon. Silly me, I thought I only had 0.5 miles left. Yeah, more like a little over 1 left.

Note to self, get Nike+ system working again to help with distance/pace/etc.

I finished my first 5k, and although I was slow, I was steady. I didn't walk, and I plodded forward like a stubborn third grader. I focused on breathing, and I realized at the end that I had short-changed myself. I had way more to give, but that's what happens when you are cautious, new, and unsure.

For the sake of you veteran runners, I will make a list of what I learned that you can laugh about secretly (since you already knew all this).
1. There truly is a "runner's euphoria"
2. Races are addicting
3. The people on the course are just as encouraging as the ones on the sidelines
4. Sometimes, it is the mental, not the physical that holds you back
5. I need to know my pace/mileage during the race (hence the Nike+ making an appearance again)
6. To succeed, forget the other peoples' times/speeds/accomplishments. You can only perfect/improve yourself.
7. Running makes other things move alot quicker....two words: porta potty
8. You get what you put into it (need to be more disciplined, add in cross-training, and eat right!)

No stellar times, but I completed the goal I set out to do. I also got to sweat with two other Ironmommies who are awesome women. We ran with each other to the finish line, so that no one crossed the line by themselves.

I'm hooked, and the playlist will probably get cheesier as the pace quickens and mileage lengthens. In the meantime, it's off to the chariot races!!!


Charbelle said...

YAY ANNA!!!! The part about the porta potties made me laugh!!! It is certainly addictive and there is definitely a euphoria.
Cross training and eating right help with running and also help with weight loss, if you're trying for that too. I'm studying up on Interval training and planning to start with that once my 1/2 is done in a few weeks.

Hailey said...

I'm SO proud of you. Seriously, you're so inspiring. I'm glad you had a blast... and you looked cute too! :)